02 February, 2010

the joy of speakerphone

roommate's 10-year-old brother (on speakerphone): Amanda, have you figured out that Laura's a nerd yet?
Amanda: Yeah, I...actually, the other day, she said she wanted to start a band about robots, so yeah.
roommate's 10-year-old brother: Are you serious? That Battlestar Galactica thing? That's kind of a new low, even for her.
Amanda: Yeah, I know, it's really sad. I hope you're nice to Laura when she's home, you know she has a rough time at school.
roommate: Stop talking about me like that to John! He's going to think I'm a loser. I have so many friends, John. I have a lot of friends.
Amanda: No, you don't, you have, like, one and a half friends, and Lee Adama doesn't count.

(I want to adopt this kid, he's magic. Also when Laura was talking to her mom on the phone, her mom said something that Laura thought was really obvious, and Laura said, "I don't live under a rock, Mom. I'm not Patrick Star.")