09 April, 2010

I'm trying not to write off-topic posts

but I'm just so happy I want to vomit all over the place, so:

Okay, first, can I just tell you about my life experience so far with Scott Pilgrim? Three years ago, my best friend went to a theater program where she became really attached to a particular counselor. He advised her to read Scott Pilgrim. A few weeks later, we were at a comic store and she bought the first book. (I bought the first Runaways collection, launching an obsession of about a year--and I hope to God they never make that into a movie, because they will FUBAR it.)

While I was away at school, A.T. became so enamored of Scott Pilgrim (and is such a good friend) that she bought and sent me the first three books. Magic! A.T. has since controlled my Scott Pilgrim intake, since I am too lazy to walk the approximately four steps from my dorm room to Infinite Monkey. (That's actually not true, but last year Y the Last Man started taking over my brain and I wasn't capable of spending money on anything else.)

Last year we had occasion to get excited about the SCOTT PILGRIM MOVIE! We didn't know what to think about Michael Cera being in it, even though we feel the way about him that we do about Scott Pilgrim (and have since before he "made it," if you're keeping track). Scott Pilgrim isn't supposed to be mellow and Michael Cera has never played anyone who wasn't. It was being directed by Edgar Wright, though, which was basically perfect, because something like Spaced has a very similar genre and feel.



(I don't think Michael Cera is going to be as mellow as I feared. And also, I just realized I'm way too excited to care.)

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