05 June, 2010


what happened to NTs are Weird, I'm really sad

(I know it's been gone for quite a while but I guess I just kept thinking it was about to come back, but then it never did.)


  1. He got sick of the drama/bullying/stalking/related-BS in the autistic community and left. He's still around some places but just couldn't handle that crap anymore as a blogger.

    Oh and hi I'm new to your blog, I just subscribed to it after finding it in AnneC's blogroll.

  2. Hi! I like your stuff a lot. I was actually thinking about it yesterday, specifically a piece you wrote where you were saying that self-advocacy can be biting someone.

    I was thinking about it because I feel like there are a lot of campers who I see wearing shirts that say SABE and Green Mountain Self-Advocates, but a lot of the time if I try to talk to them they don't really seem to be aware of the tenets of self-advocacy. I feel like Vermont is weird because in Ohio, there just seems to be no acknowledgment of self-advocacy among the people with ID who I know, but in Vermont it seems like all these terms--person-first language, self-advocacy, etc.--are referenced a lot, but they don't necessarily tie into what people with developmental disabilities are doing or experiencing.

  3. I'm sorry the site is gone because I found his life management tips so helpful. I just discovered he's gone because I wanted to re-read some of the tips. I wish he'd at least left those up because they were helping me get things together better and I'm sure they were helping lots of other people do the same.

  4. Copy and paste this in your URL to be able to see an archive of "NTs Are Weird" :


    ...if the link I'm creating here to NTs Are Weird doesn't work.

    Copy and paste this in your URL to be able to see an archive of his website "This Way of Life" :


    ...if the link I'm creating here to This Way of Life doesn't work.

    There is so much to read on the blog "NTs Are Weird" that it's a good thing there is an archive for those of us who want to go back and read more!