18 November, 2010

I hope someone remembers you

[sometimes I feel like it might seem like attention-seeking to post stuff like this. I do tend to write stuff whenever I'm upset and then finish it later, so just because I post songs like this doesn't mean that whatever it's about is going on now. It isn't in this case.]

If I could just kill half of you and leave the other half alive
so you could walk around and take phone calls but have nothing left to hide
because I'm too responsible to want to destroy your mind
but I'd do it, I'd do it every day if I could

My hands are shaking from nicotine and I like myself that way
so I can walk around and make phone calls and fall down at the end of the day
I can barely write out sentences and you can struggle to read what they say
because I mumble and you can't hear me most of the time

And I hope someone remembers you

I can get dressed and start a mess but there's nothing left to see
and when morning comes they'll find me trampling through the leaves
and maybe someone will call you up but they won't know how to explain
and they'll stutter, they'll stumble on their words from now on

If I was your Secret-Keeper I'd tell everyone where you are
You're smart enough that you'd figure it out and run away but you wouldn't get far
They'd come to your house, they'd take you apart and sell your insides for scrap metal
but you won't die, you don't die most of the time

And I hope someone remembers me most of the time


  1. Your blog makes me really happy. My brain is askew and sometimes I feel like you describe the ways in which my brain is the wrong shape and it makes me feel less like an alien. I like your blog a lot. I don't usually post comments though because writing comments is hard and I don't feel like I sound like myself on the Internet.
    But I had to comment on this because I have listened to this song many many times and it makes me happy. The lyrics are excellent. I want to turn this song into an audio file and put it on my Ipod but I think it would be really rude of me to do that without asking permission and telling you how much your blog and this song make me happy. So may I please turn this into an audio file and put it on my Ipod so it can be portable and I can listen to it on the train?
    Your blog is amazing and I hope you have a good day.

  2. yeah of course. I have a slightly better/different recorded version though if you want it.

  3. No, I like this version. Thank you! Take care.