30 March, 2011

so, this morning I tried to put on socks over my socks. just in case anyone was unaware of how cool I am for continuing to try to exist in real life.


  1. Wait, do you mean you wanted to wear socks over socks on purpose or do you mean you started to put on your socks and then realized you were already wearing some? If it's the first one, the secret is to put on a pair of very thin socks like you'd wear with sneakers or dress shoes and then a pair of larger, thicker socks like you'd wear with boots. Or thin socks-second pair of thin socks- thick socks. But thick socks usually don't fit well over other thick socks, I find.

    If it's the second one, don't sweat it. I'm pretty sure that kind of thing happens to most people.

  2. oh, it's the second one. it was pretty cool.