27 April, 2011

Hi everyone. My name is autism and some mood/anxiety stuff but a lot of people just call me autism. I’m 22 and about to graduate from college. There’s not really much to say about me--I like Skins, I move very quickly, I’m not a great disability to go to church with. But overall I’m just like any other disability and I want the same things.

Well, except that I happen to have a person. My person is called an Amanda Forest Vivian Spectrum Disorder, or AFVSD for short. I was diagnosed with AFVSD when I was nine and she has caused me to have problems with social communication and being gayyy. But seriously guys, that’s between her and me. My AFVSD is none of your business--I’m first and foremost autism, and I want to be treated that way.

The most difficult disabilities for me to be friends with are the ones who don’t respect me as a disability and just treat me like a PERSON. They don’t even see me, just a stereotype of what a person is. They’re so busy looking at my Amanda Forest Vivian Spectrum Disorder that they don’t realize when something is too loud for me, or when I’m really not feeling good and might end up werewolf-attacking AFVSD. Then they act all surprised, but if they just treated me like autism instead of "Amanda," I would be able to achieve more of the things that I want.

No matter how different I may seem with this giant lesbian tragedy attached to my face, please remember that I’m a disability first and a person second--so please use disability-first language to show that you respect me as a whole disability and aren’t obsessed with my person. It’s the LAW.

Yours in disabilitycapades,

autism and some mood/anxiety stuff, ES-FUCKING-SQUIRE

P.S. My AFVSD continues to prefer person-first language and isn't saying otherwise, but neither of us can handle nothings-with-persons thinking they have a right to actually criticize and correct disabilities for not using PFL, especially when they complete ignore actually important things that disabilities are saying about anti-ableism in favor of bitching about a LANGUAGE USAGE THAT SOME OTHER NWAP TOLD THEM TO USE. FOR FUCK'S SAKE.


  1. I laughed so hard, this is excellent.

  2. I adored this. EXCELLENT.

    I especially like "giant lesbian tragedy attached to my face."

  3. Please marry me. I'll try to accept your AFVSD. We'll work on it.