24 September, 2011

Apparently someone decided to call and harass RRH on the phone because of the tpga "dialogue." As everyone knows, it wasn't a dialogue, RRH didn't seem to care much about the issues being discussed, blah blah blah, but guess what, that's a totally irrelevant.

Part of being a member of a minority community is that you can't just do whatever you want all the time.

When a person with a disability expresses how they feel about something, especially if they are angry, other people regularly act as if the PWD has done something on the level of calling their house and harassing them. It can be kind of funny to look at this big divide between how someone's being characterized (scary and intimidating) and who they actually are (a disabled, usually young person typing comments on the Internet that are often more polite than the comments of the person who feels so "intimidated").

Well, guess what, there's no divide this time, because someone actually did what non-disabled people expect disabled people to do all the time. They actually did something scary. I'm sure this person was really mad and going through a lot, but, guess what, minority community! You fucked EVERYONE.

Now, I know this seems really unfair. Why aren't I writing a rant at parents who have threatened my own disabled friends? Because they're not in my community. Their decisions are their own, your decisions are ours. I totally understand that this sounds offensive--why can't disabled people just be individuals? I don't know guys, but we're just not, so please do not do things like this.

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