10 November, 2011

in the weeks before my 22nd birthday all I could think about was trying to get a serious brain injury because of some convoluted thing in my head about how disabilities you acquire after age 22 aren't considered developmental and I was going to miss my chance to have a developmental disability that people actually believed was real.

I ended up just cutting off a lot of my hair instead of jumping in front of a truck like I kept thinking about doing. then I got suicidal for months and months.

anyway, the reason I am posting this is because I would like to thank my friends for being around when things were really bad. and because it's really cool how boring* my 23rd birthday is feeling in its approach. I'd like to direct anyone to the love post who has not seen it, because I feel that way now more than ever.

sorry this blog stopped being cool/smart. maybe someday again.

*(ETA: not boring anymore, pancho started the BLOG FOR MY BIRTHDAY and it's so good)


  1. You're a cool chick. I went to Pancho's blog. I liked it.

  2. I remember those posts. I'm glad things are better now.