11 January, 2012

The Loud Hands Project

hi guys, it's time for the Loud Hands Blog Tour! are you ready?

The Loud Hands Project is a project by the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, which is being organized by Julia from Just Stimming. You might have seen the video:

(The YouTube page for the video has a visual transcript in the description section. If you can watch the video but don't want to watch it with sound, it still makes sense with the sound off.)

Julia describes Loud Hands as a transmedia project. Transmedia is a word I was not familiar with, but according to Google it means "storytelling across multiple forms of media," which sounds pretty good. The idea as far as I can simplify it is to communicate the pride of Autistic people and support Autistic people in communicating their own experiences, but there are other facets too and Julia describes her aims much more clearly on the fundraising page for the project.

Loud Hands is trying to raise $10,000 for the launch of its website and its first anthology (if you're thinking of submitting to the anthology, you can learn about that here). $7,500 has already been donated, but they still need to make their goal by March 15. As soon as my theoretical job starts I plan on donating a LOT, and if you support the project and can spare the money, I hope you'll consider donating as well. Even if you are only able to donate a few dollars, it still makes a difference.

If you're not able to donate but you have autism, I still really hope that you will think about contributing to the Loud Hands website, and to this or future Loud Hands anthologies. Whether or not you have autism, please try and support the project by telling other people about it who might be able to contribute money or communication.

No matter what you do, please try and live with loud hands at all times.



a pair of feet in flowered doc marten boots, standing on tiptoes

(and loud feet)


  1. hipsters with cute shoes. . . the lot of you!

    1. It...took me an embarrassingly long moment to catch the sarcasm. ;)

  2. Yay, you're famous! ;)

    When is the deadline for submissions?

    p.s. I joined my local ASAN chapter a couple of months ago and it's awesome!

  3. wow that's awesome about ASAN! I feel weird because I know a lot of people who are involved, but I've just never lived somewhere that has a chapter. anyway I don't know about the timeline I guess you would have to email Julia.