02 November, 2012

I went on Facebook before going to bed tonight and discovered that "Ron" from this post died this morning. I feel a little weird expressing too much grief about this, after all I haven't seen Ron in more than a year now.

He was one of the most original people I've ever known and he lived with so much joy and confidence in himself. More than anything I am so glad that Ron got to spend his life with his family, in his own home, with all the things he loved to collect. I'm glad that if anyone ever tried to stop Ron from living life his way, they did not succeed and by the time I met him (he can't have been older than 50) he was very set in his ways.

No one talked, danced, wrote, or thought like Ron. He wasn't just unique, though. He was kind and he was strong enough to ask for what he needed from other people. He was brave enough to be joyfully himself.

I am so sad that Ron has gone out of the world, but I'm glad that he was in it, and I'm glad that so many people with and without disabilities had the chance to meet him and see what a beautiful person he was.


  1. what a beautiful piece of writing - Ron was lucky that somebody could see his world and appreciate him for a short while. Not all of us are that lucky. There are beautiful kind people in this world and that includes you!

  2. Hi Amanda, I was wondering if you would mind if I linked to some of your posts at the url I've listed. It's a social network targeted at disabled people, carers and people with an interest in independent living and I think that our members would find some of your posts about caring for people very interesting. If this is something you would be happy with, please let me know at slaineo@mbha.org.uk