25 December, 2012

I've never seen anyone do this, probably because it's a dumb idea

Remember my lifelong fear that a prospective employer would google me and read my blog? Well it happened. The job is the Dream Job, the Platonic ideal of a job that has been hovering over all the jobs I've had before. Since it was the Dream Job I got it anyway.

I have had it for a while and I also have another job. That leaves one day that I could be earning money in. The day is Thursday. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and you or your family member needs an aide on Thursday (or a babysitter if they are a kid) you should think about hiring me. I would also work any night but Sunday if I'm allowed to sleep during downtime. (I wouldn't expect to be paid by the hour for that obviously.)

Think about it, you already know everything about me.

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