13 September, 2009

I feel nervous

I talked to a few people a little bit yesterday, but I skipped the "welcome meeting." Actually, I went there and then walked out. Then I went to my room, watched the pilot episode of Glee (it sucks), went to sleep for fourteen hours, woke up, and read stuff on the Internet for three hours. It's just like being at home.

I am enjoying this in a perverse way, but soon I should start doing responsible things. Some things I need to buy are:

A mirror
Hand soap

My only accomplishments are conquering jetlag (I slept from nine to 11:30, which is a lot of sleep but at a normal time) and probably losing weight because I'm afraid to go outside. I haven't looked at the list of things to do. Some things I can think of are opening a bank account and signing up to talk to the head of classics about my courses.

My shower is broken, which makes it hard to want to do anything. The building I live in is sort of unpleasant and impersonal, but not in a sterile way, at least. For example there's carpeting on the floor. Anyway, when I go outside there's a whole city out there! Which is amazing. So I should go outside.

I decided that I am going to plan to not have any friends. This might not happen, and that would be nice (I mean, I thought I wasn't going to have any friends in the first few days at Oberlin), but if you don't talk to anyone it's good for writing.

Now I'm going to get dressed and unpack, not necessarily in that order.

I feel very close to God. I only know this for sure when I have no one to talk to because it becomes apparent that I don't feel alone.

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