11 December, 2009

1x13 Sectionals

So, Thursday morning before my exam I was like, do I want to watch Glee, and then I was, like, no, that's hardly going to get me in the mood to take my exam. For the next day and a half I would occasionally think, hey, do I want to watch Glee now? It's so super annoying. It's not even worth hate-watching.

But I finally started the last episode of the year, and I guess it will be my last ever because once I'm back in America I won't need to distract myself all the time anymore, so I am writing about it as I watch it.

This episode started with all the characters who are actually likable--Artie, Tina, Mercedes, and Kurt. The whole sequence before the title card was A+. Also, I think it's really dumb that gay people are shitting themselves over the Brittany/Santana thing. It was obviously supposed to be a joke about how dumb Brittany is.

I can't believe they would have Mercedes sing "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going." I actually can't. Is it weird for me to feel like that? It's a good song but she's such an one-note character it's astonishing.

The Finn thing was okay, blah blah blah, Artie ramming himself into the wall.

Oh no, I'm absolutely sure that Finn is going to inspirationally change his mind and there's going to be a romantic-comedy-esque scramble to get him to sectionals. I'm going to throw up. WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN?

Why are they saying Rachel is better than Mercedes? She's not. This makes me so mad.

I'm really biased because basically the most important thing to me in pop music is that the person not have a "singing accent" where they pronounce words differently when they're singing than when they're talking. I would rather someone be off-key than do the accent. So because of that, I'm bound to like Amber Riley's singing better than Lea Michele's. But I'm pretty sure, when I try really hard not to think about the accent thing, that they're objectively equal, right? They both have super good lung capacity or whatever is considered important by mainstream society. And unlike some of the other actors, Amber Riley has never intentionally messed up notes or sung badly, so I don't think it makes sense to say that the character Mercedes is a worse singer than the character Rachel. Regardless of it being racist or whatever, it's just annoying as hell to watch every character on the show accept as fact that Rachel is a better singer, when she obviously isn't.


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