03 December, 2009

Good times

I think I previously mentioned how in ninth grade I liked this girl who was always getting really mad at me. For some reason I decided to reread her livejournal from 2004 and it's probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. Maybe it's only funny to me because I know how ridiculous we both were at that age (I'll probably show it to my dad when I get home, he'll think it's funny too).

(There are several posts where she typed up fliers about the school dress code and made fun of their spelling mistakes.)

More aggrevation [27 Apr 2004|12:21pm]
Amanda just went and pissed me off again. I told her about the theory my mom came up with about her shocking for shock's sake, and how bisexual people are usually either gay or straight, and usually want to cover up what they are to fit in more, or want to seem more eccentric. Amanda then said today stuff that is really insulting to my mom, such as saying she is small minded and stuff. FOR GODS SAKE, MY MOM WORKS FOR TWO GAY BOSSES! I hate when people say my mom is small minded, when look at all these homophobic freaks out there. Openmindedness is one of my moms strengths, and i think that those who criticize her for that, should be labeled as intolerant. And I thought Amanda understood.

Grr... [24 Apr 2004|10:55am]
Amanda went on a parade, which means i cant talk to her for three days. This sucks. Also, I found out yesterday that she thinks gay people can become straight if they wanted to. This is not the case. Gay peoples preferences are genetic, and not something they can change at the drop of a hat. There is either a disillusioned straight person, or a gay one. You cannot STOP being gay, any more than you can STOP being straight. You can come out, of course, but that is merely a facade. I hate it when people think homosexuals can stop being what they are if they merely choose to.

In other news, amanda and i sorta made up, and i didnt push the above issue too much. I got cold stone ice cream, and me and amanda msted the newer parent trap. Pretty good day, other than the first thing.

[I'm actually surprised that I believed people could change their sexual orientation but I'm not sure I had a super clear idea of what sexual orientation was at that point; I thought I was bisexual, after all. I do think that the "liberal" view of homosexuality tries to categorize it as a much more cut-and-dry thing than it really is and that's probably what my 15-year-old self was incompetently trying to articulate. Maybe?]

funny and upsetting stuff [22 Apr 2004|10:16pm]
Today we got this awesome book in English. The importance of being earnest. Its light-years ahead of Wuthering Heights, the worst book we have gotten this year.

[Really long and hilarious critique of every book read in English class that year. I wish I could post the whole thing but it's massive. Doesn't this sound like a Dear America book or something? What kind of real kid writes a journal about the books they read in English?]

Amanda really angered me today. She is always reading, drawing, or writing, which kind of makes me angry, especially when she considers walking exercise. I don’t understand why she wants to be on track team when she hates to run, is always last, and has no friends on that team. If she has to hate a sport, wouldn’t she prefer a sport where you don’t run as much, and has a really close friend with her to encourage her? I just don’t get why she wouldn’t opt out for soccer. *sulks*

I also found that the only theaters playing Shaolin Soccer
[apparently a movie she wanted to see that I didn't want to see.], were in NYC. It just pisses me off. Why can’t anything go right? One perfect day is hardly much to ask for. Amanda will probably be saying halleluiah. dammit.

Yesterday [18 Apr 2004|10:17am]

At a snack-kiosk, Amanda got the most disgusting thing i think I will ever see her eat. it was mutated cheese over nachos. There was so much nasty cheese, that the chips on the top had grown soggy. I used to see stuff like that served at my middle school cafeteria, and have never trusted nachos and cheeze since. Unfortunately, Amanda had no such experience, and had to suffer the floppy revolting cheesy abombination.

Another dorm mother gripe and other current events [15 Apr 2004|07:57pm]

Amanda and I listened to this really sexist song today. The chorus goes, "AND A REAL WOMAN KNOWS A REAL MAN ALWAYS COMES FIRST! AND A REAL MAN CANT DENY A WOMANs WORTH!" What about gay men and women? are they not real? hahahahah! and what about a man coming first? I can understand putting a partner ahead of one's self, but a man always ahead of a woman? HA! and the man cant deny a womans worth? what the hell does that mean? that he cant stand not to have s3x with her? lust hardly makes the man. self control is the key, guys. and dont listen to brainwashing alicia keys songs.

In the dorm, watching documentary on Pamela Anderson [14 Apr 2004|06:46pm]

I feel really bad for David,cause all my friends hate him for a reason that they wont really tell me about. And he has some medical disorder or something, according to one teacher. He's hardly ever in school,and i dont really know any friends of his. I think he has lyme disease. Hes actually a pretty funny guy, and just because he acts a little off-sync, is no reason to shun him, drive him away from the lunch table,insult him to his face or his back. Besides, hes a democrat and an Anti-Bush, which i can relate to.

I wish Amandas curfew was a bit later than her parents insist. They always get really pissed off when i call amanda at nine-thirty. Im really sorry, but thats the earliest i can contact anyone, because thats when i get out of study hall. I feel really depressed.

This is probably annoying and not funny without actually having been there. I'm not sure. It's easy to remember why I had such a crush on her; she had such strong (and unintentionally hilarious) opinions. It's weird that I had an easier time finding girls to crush on at my tiny high school than I do at my college which is more than ten times the size. I think this is probably because I'm just a nasty closed-off person now, and not really because all the girls at Oberlin suck like I always claim they do.

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