20 April, 2010

Zoe decided to win at life

Why Glee Makes Me Want to Kill Someone

other recommended reading while I'm at it:

Just Stop It (really old Dave Hingsburger post about trying to get ID people to act "age-appropriate")

I am not responsible for your discomfort (another really old post, by the person who wrote the "Growing Up With Sky" post that I linked in a previous recommended reading)

(I know I need to do a "mental age" tag and maybe do some more in-depth posts about mental age etc. I have a lot to say about it.)

oh wait, edited to add: A Five-Year-Old's Explanation of Autism


(This is the best day of the year because it's the day that everyone else thinks and talks like me.)


  1. I'm so glad you think I'm winning at life, because I feel like I'm failing at school.

    Mental age is really interesting. I do some things that people my age aren't supposed to do, but I don't think that comes from my being more like a child, though it might look that way to other people.

    That is an adorable little explanation of autism. And I think it proves that when kids are mean about people who are different, it's because in some way they've been taught to be.

  2. Oh Zoe, that's so funny because that's exactly my own situation, except the winning at life part.