06 February, 2011

more normal = progress

I worked on this post for...um...well, a long time. Probably like 2 or 3 hours today without stopping for anything, and that's probably the third or fourth period of time I've spent on it.

more normal = progress

Basically it's a LOVE-NOS post showcasing the assumption mn=p, and how it's applied by professionals and laypeople to people with disabilities. I tried to use as many examples as I could think of to show how mn=p really knows no disability and can manifest at a lot of different levels, from seemingly innocuous to obviously vicious and abusive.

You should read it because writing it took over my life. You should also read LOVE-NOS in general because Julia wrote some really beautiful things that I can't take the time to link to individually because I haven't eaten anything in a really long time and all I can think about is food. But anyway, go over there please.

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