16 February, 2011

roommate is cute, slash I think some of this is useful

me: I don't know
I just think my life is a lot better since I stopped thinking of myself as being "socially impaired" or whatever
Liam: yeah
i mean its just a word
me: like, sometimes I make a joke that someone doesn't get or something, maybe it's because I'm different, but it's an interaction between the two of us, maybe we don't fit
Liam: yeah for sure
me: like, I used to just feel really embarrassed like every time i made a joke someone didn't get or something
like "oh it's my autism making me say stupid things"
Liam: i mean i find it way easier to hang out with you than a lot of other people
me: but I just think that's dumb and I feel like other people can think "that person didn't get my sense of humor" and they don't have to take it personally
dude I don't know do you find me to be like "simple" or "dense"? it's okay if you do
I just wondered
Liam: no
i think you are really smart
maybe child-like
i mean you get a lot more excited about things than most people
i think you also just approach things in general a little differently
but in a good way
me: I mean, that's cool
I don't mind being different. I just used to always mind the idea that I like...was supposed to be unaware of what was going on because of my disability
Liam: i mean thats totally not fair
everyone sees things a little differently
i mean i cant see red and green
me: aww
Liam: i think everyone is different and its easy to compare yourself to other people
i mean i always feel like im really slow
me: well I think I'm going to come to the library so I can type up my writing project
Liam: and bad at writing
me: it's easier to prop my notebook up on a desktop
Liam: cool
we are in a study room
me: oh
wait are there desktops?
I guess I won't see you


  1. I guess our mileage really varies on this one. I find it helpful to think of myself as 'socially impaired' because otherwise I'd have no explanation for why I seem to have social difficulties most people don't have, or to a greater extent than most people have.

    I mean, sure everyone has differences in opinion and not everyone is always going to get along and so forth. And some people just have hopelessly incompatible communication styles. But I think it makes sense to think of yourself as socially impaired if you have more trouble communicating than most people (and it's not due to something else like coming from another culture or something).

    Uh, I'm not really saying you're socially impaired though because I don't have right to label you and plus I don't really think that's something I can determine over the internet anyway. Though even if I knew you in real life I still wouldn't label you with anything you didn't choose for yourself. I'm just explaining why it makes sense for me to label myself that way.

  2. I mean, thinking of yourself one particular way is cool and everything, but for me, the effects of applying this to individual interactions are really dumb.