13 June, 2011

hi guys it's SUMMER BACK CATALOGUE time!!

I know no one reads this blog anymore because I never post, etc., but starting tomorrow there will be a post every weekday

but every silver lining has a cloud and the cloud of the moment is this: most of the posts will just be things that I already posted in other blogs before, wah-wah. I haven't felt much motivation to write lately and I'm not sure why that is.

Well actually I raised 2 Gyarados

which resulted in a sense of pride I've never experienced writing this blog or anything else, so I may raise a few more Gyarados before they lose their luster and I come back here. But anyway, drumroll, summer back catalogue.

AND if you would like to write a guest post, just email me at awf.vivian at gmail.com or ask me on tumblr. I will probably publish your guest post if I agree with it and think it is interesting, some stuff I like is:

disability + pop culture, or really any social justice reviews of pop culture
children's television/movies/games
intersectionality, especially including disability as one of the identities
Christian ideas/discussion
fallacy smackdowns (next week will be a whole week of fallacy smackdowns, so you'll have ample opportunity to see what I mean)

I reserve the right to think your post is boring or just off-topic for what I think of this blog as being about, but I definitely don't care about whether it's polished, I just care about ideas. You can even make a guest post by anthologizing your facebook statuses, if they are on topic.

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