04 June, 2011

hi universe, trying to get this out before I forget.

I haven't been posting here for two reasons, one long in the making and one more recent and specific:

1. I have been using tumblr to have more specific conversations and to make shorter and less formed posts.
2. My school switched over to gmail hardcore. It's weird, because they were basically on gmail before, like my school email worked like gmail and I could gchat on it, so I became dependent on it as my main gchat email. Then it somehow became MORE gmail and now I can't be simultaneously logged into my school account and the gmail account I use for this blog. Anyone who knows me knows that all I do is gchat, so I can never log out there, i.e. I can never log in here.

Since I graduated I'll have to either switch back to my old gmail account or somehow consolidate both accounts into a new one (does anyone know if this is possible?) so I'll probably be here more eventually, but I'm working at camp starting in a week for two months, which completely shuts me off from the Internet.



I'm probably going to set up a queue that will result in quite a lot of posting here while I'm gone! Most of the content will be stuff that I've posted on love-nos or tumblr, and a little bit will be things that I just never ended up posting. Of course if anyone is still reading this blog they're probably pretty rabid fans (as if) and will have doubtless read all of these things before...but you know, rabid fans, and therefore will rejoice in getting to read all of this stuff over again.

Which is to say, this blog might spend the next two months being regularly written by no one and read by no one. It'll be like a zombie apocalypse.

Also, if there was a zombie apocalypse, wouldn't it be exciting if you met the zombies of famous people? They'd be acting just like everyone else.


  1. I am genuinely excited for this. Also it will not be like the zombie apocalypse because I will be reading!

    Unless I am a zombie, then it will definitely be the zombie apocalypse. Would Zombie Zoe still read blogs? If normal zombies try to drive their cars then probably I would.

  2. My university switched over to gmail about when I started coming here. I had privacy concerns about that but it wasn't a choice. I think we're at where you were before you were "more gmail."

    Anyway, yes, it is possible to be logged into your school gchat and your the email for this blog. I think this is what you mean? There are websites like meebo.com (if you https://www. then it's encrypted!) and I've used pidgin a lot. These can amalgamate all different sorts of chat clients. I started using pidgin because I kept running into someone who only used gmail, then someone who only used msn, etc. If you do a google search for pidgin you could find it pretty easily.

    You would still need to login into your school account for the mail though. One way around this would be to use something like thunderbird can amalgamate different email addresses, but I've never been 100% comfortable with them. You could also install multiple browsers. I use both iron (google chrome without tracking software basically) and firefox, because I have firefox to be paranoid about javascript and to be black backgrounds with gray text. Sometimes I need to jump to iron to be able to tell what's going on in a page and I always use iron to comment on this blog. You could have iron (which starts and runs very quickly generally) be constantly logged in for this blog but use whatever you use for everything else.

    Also I think I've read everything in the directory besides the skins posts so I dub myself a rabid blog fan (though I will probably calm down and read other people's stuff more now). I tried to read some of the skins stuff but it's like reading a doctoral thesis on some aspect of science I haven't heard of.