09 December, 2011


I think this is my #1 song right now, Clayton very sweetly tried to get David Bazan to play it when we saw him on my birthday but I guess he doesn't play it with his current band. Feeling weird about blogging but probably won't make any real decisions until I become employed (this is probably not the best time in American history to set "when I become employed" as a prerequisite for doing something, but oh well).

having no idea that his youngest son was dead
the farmer and his sweet young wife slept soundly in his bed
in the shadow of the mountain as the cattle hung their heads

grazing only feet from where the broken body lay
and would lay undiscovered for another several days
when the farmer would find vultures at their banquet in the hay

the killer traveled eastward in a golden brown sedan
weighing his most recent deviation from the plan
counting down the hours till the sun came up again

hired to hit the farmer by the farmer's asshole son
had not yet decided between poison or a gun
suddenly he realized he would not use either one


  1. I love David! <3 I got to see him play nearly 10 years ago, crazy.

  2. awwwww. we love looking at old pictures/videos of him