05 December, 2011

note to myself for future annoying pop culture posts

tv shows I've adopted this fall and my feelings about disability on those shows:

the vampire diaries (n/a, just as tvd is n/a for anything that relates to minorities in any way, except for the hilarious black witches thing which is as bizarre as it is partly because of the show's refusal to acknowledge that anything bad ever happened to black people in America)
china, il (n/a it's brad neely)
my little pony friendship is magic (really great)
the fades (good--not a big thing but they cast actors with disabilities)
bedlam (worst thing EVER, as I explained here)
game of thrones (awesome)
american horror story (awesome, this might take some explaining, but I'm sticking to my guns)

(I also finished united states of tara and six feet under, both of which I can imagine having things to say about, but I've been watching both shows for so long I don't think I ever will)


  1. You mean we can talk "game of thrones"? Because that's about all we share on the above list (apart from my passing knowledge of Princess Peppermint and others in the MLP royal lineage)

  2. I love game of thrones

    that sounds like a different generation of mlp from friendship is magic.

  3. Probably. . . they're all the ones I got for my daughter.

    GOT is really good, and speaking to someone who is sensitive to disabled characters in pop culture (or the lack thereof). . . There are few characters better than Tyrion Lannister disabled or otherwise. Have you read the books?