01 May, 2010


me: so does todd want to write a blog against disablism guest post?
todd: oh dear.
todd: what is the idea?
me: it's okay I just wondered, since I didn't have anything to say myself because I was too happy
todd: maybe todd could answer a couple of questions and there could be an interview instead of a blog post.
me: Yeah! I could interview you! What do you want me to interview you about?
todd: hmmmm
me: it has to be about ableism
do you want to talk about problems at school?
todd: hahaha!
i probably...
just a sec...
me: I mean, I like your name
todd: toddynho?
me: I just thought if you minded. but I guess a lot of people are named todd
but I like your name!
todd: also, it's SOOOO annoying to be called "[firstname]" all the time.
me: your name is Todd
people call you [Firstname]?
todd: like at the dr's office.
me: why?
todd: because i'm [firstname] todd [lastname]
me: oh
todd: maybe that's what you should put on your blog.
me: wait, so what do you want the interview to be about
I mean, do you have anything interesting to say about ableism? would you want to talk about your experience with certain jerks at school?
todd: tell people that if they have a kid, and they decide to put the name they're calling him or her in the "middle name" position, they might be causing that kid a great deal of avoidable stress, anxiety, and discomfort in the years to follow.
actually maybe it's better for me not to talk about ableism.


  1. you should always comment in arial!!

  2. (wait, I just tried to do it and blogger totally freaked out on me so I guess comments don't work like that
    hard times)

  3. If I ever name a child, I will keep that in mind.