16 May, 2010

The videocast of the IACC meeting from April 30 is up. If you recall I wrote a post about how fantastic certain aspects were. So you should watch some of it!


  1. Thanks for posting. It's very informative. It really helps me to judge wether people I may meet in real life actually know what they are talking about or not in regards to ASD. Most of my interactions have been comedic to say the least.

  2. how come it helps you with that?

    I do think some of those people are mega out of it. but I'm not sure how it relates to telling what ordinary people are likely to know. that thing with disability services at your school was horrible though.

  3. I meant people that are in the disability field. Like the people at my school and my son's school. It will help me determine better if someone I go to for information is knowledgable. Is that weird? I can't always tell, some people act like they are experts when the only thing they know about autism is from the movies, etc. I don't know why anyone would do that, but they do.

  4. Simply watching the members of the conference speak is what is the biggest help to me. I have no frame of reference otherwise.

  5. oh. I don't know if these people should be a frame of reference. well I'll think about it more but I just think some of them are not very educated or see what they want to see.

  6. Thankfully I am not capable of just seeing what I want to see, I have to be open to all points of view thereby allowing me to better judge someones intentions by way of comparison. A frame of reference is better than none even if it is biased in parts. It's just the way I process information and learn. If I meet a new person I cannot communicate with them in any way unless I have a frame of reference (the nearest comparison I can possibly come up with) and since I am not experienced at talking to people in the disability field, I am lost and don't know how to interact with them. The video is a good tool for me in that sense. Maybe that is why I was drawn to you over other ASD advocates because you made videos and I was able to make a connection (visual frame of reference) that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to make.

    Sorry if I am so analytical about perception/functioning/communication. I essentially have to create an internal manual for myself in order to function and visual details are a huge part of that since my internal manual has to be in pictures not language.

  7. Wow!

    Maybe this is much more exciting in person.

    This is an ADD challenge.

    You know, I don't find C-SPAN particulary exciting.

    One day soon I will watch this entire thing straight through.

    About which times is Ari on? I'd like to see his parts.

    Please don't make me sit through 5 1/2 of this stuff right now.


  8. haha, yeah I know it's really long. I didn't even watch the whole thing when it was on, I just watched most of it (while cleaning my room and stuff). I can't imagine having to actually sit still for that long.