05 May, 2010

Possibly the best Kartheiser interview yet

I forgot to post about a very important current event.

Vincent Kartheiser: 'I definitely do psychopathic. I don't try to, but it just sneaks out'

The Guardian did an interview with VK in which VK revealed that:

1. he lives in a wooden box (not a joke, the reporter saw it)
2. he doesn't have a toilet
3. he tried to steal a giant rock from a waterfall to use as a sink, and when a guy said, "stop, that's my rock," VK responded, "it's the world's rock!"
4. he hasn't had a mirror for "six or seven years"

He also claims not to be rich ("I think I get some money from Mad Men but really the writers and actors of TV shows don't usually get much money") and says that he gives away all his possessions. And that people come up to him at parties and tell him that they hate him and he's like "oh do you mean you hate Pete" and they're like "whenever you come onscreen I want to vomit, I hate you so much."

He's "never been monogamous." That is okay. I would probably not be monogamous if I was Vincent Kartheiser. THE PERFECT MAN.


  1. I am so confused. Not monogamous? I thought he was abstinent! Also how would a rock be used as a sink?

    I'm writing a paper for my psych class right now about how Simon Baron-Cohen's empathy test is fixed and empathy doesn't mean what he thinks it means. My teacher will probably read it and be like "Zoe this is far too political."

  2. did he say he was abstinent? I love the hell out of him.

    it sounds good!! can I read it?