28 October, 2010

new project, please help

I made this tumblr called What is "high-functioning?" which is an attempt to define the term once and for all, using the Lemony Snicket "a word which here means" paradigm.

You're supposed to be able to submit to it, which might only work if you have a tumblr, but maybe you have a tumblr. If you don't, you can just tell me what to write. I just want to anthologize every single possible use of the term. So please submit stuff that people have said about you, people you've worked with, your family members, famous people, etc.--what did they mean when they said "high-functioning" or "low-functioning?"


  1. The first thing that always pops into my head when I hear that phrase is to jokingly reinterpret is as 'functioning as if you are high'.

  2. oh my gosh then I'm high-functioning all the time.

  3. My high school English teacher accused me of being high functioning by that definition.

  4. Oh and I'd love to comment on your high functioning tumblr but two things:

    1. Even though I have a tumblr account (which I never use), I can't comment.

    2. The theme you're using I find really hard on the eyes.

  5. you're not supposed to comment, you're supposed to submit. does clicking the submit button work?

    is it the color or the plaid altogether?

  6. That's crazy talk. What kind of blog doesn't let you comment. That's like web 2.0 fascism. Nuts!