03 October, 2010

so, while I'm being gooey on the Internet, who wants to make a line drawing of one of these carvings so I can get a tattoo of it?

(I'm not sure which one I want.)

I know this is pretty obnoxious, but it occurred to me that people can be pretty nice/strange online so it might be worth a try, also the only people who ever comment here are in fact the very two people who I already know can draw and wanted to ask, but I was like maybe that's obnoxious, so let's do it passive-aggressive style instead.

To explain why this is a GREAT tattoo, I will make a list:

1. these carvings were made by Christians back in the third century when Christianity was still awesome. I identify as Christian without the last 1700 years.

2. Jonah obviously represents me being a JACKASS and never standing up for myself or other disabled people and how God will send a whale to eat me if I keep on like this (but if I'm lucky it will be a whale depicted by a third-century Christian who doesn't know what a whale looks like, awesome).

ETA: I actually don't really want this tattoo anymore so if you are one of the people I was trying to harass into drawing me a picture, don't worry about it. You have your life back.


  1. The whale looks like some kind of mermaid/dog thing.

    Do you know what country/region these carvings come from? (I can't really draw, by the way, so I can't help you there, sorry.)

  2. not sure.

    the cleveland museum of art website says Asia Minor.

  3. I will do it. I wouldn't have thought it was obnoxious if you asked me, either.

    This is what people then thought a whale looked like? Wow.

    Is the thing that connects the whale's face to its arm part of its anatomy or a structural prop? Should it be in the tattoo?

    I don't understand the punishment aspect of religion so I don't quite understand your second reason but I know you feel like you need god to make you better -- is this the same thing?

  4. well, I would like structural props to be part of the drawing, too.

    mostly I just like the Jonah story and how it relates to me being a loser. I mean, it threw him up so it's not really that dour.

  5. Okay, in a frighteningly short number of weeks I'm going home for October break, and if I wait until then I can use my lightbox and do some tracing that will make it more accurate -- also I will have more time. When are you getting the tattoo?

  6. I don't know. at some point.
    I've wanted it for like several months, but I haven't really started properly planning/thinking. I was waiting until I know someone who could draw. Then I realized I already do.
    but I mean, there's no time constraint. hence me not asking you outright since you are like SUPER BUSY

  7. Hmm.

    I'll give it a try --- not sure how well it will turn out, since I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at in that beastie that's swallowing him.