26 October, 2010

There are lots of ways I managed having a disability when I was in high school. For example I used timers for everything, like taking showers and getting dressed.

When I got to college I was embarrassed I guess.

Now that I live in a house I guess I want to start using timers again because they were really effective. It's just weird to think that I never really thought of those things as autism-related. And I know it's because the view of autism I had was so narrow. Once my problems weren't the extremely stereotypical problems, I just started thinking of myself as being "better" and my real problems were nameless.

It was funny at camp when I noticed my camper Tim, who is my age and has Down Syndrome, also uses a timer. And a really nice feeling too.

Sometimes I feel that life will never be as easy as it was in high school--I mean I'm a lot happier, but my shit for brains/curds and whey is really starting to show and become inescapable.


  1. Interesting. I find that for some reason doing chores around the house is a lot easier when I have my headphones on.

  2. A timer! What a brilliant idea! Maybe it would help me with my problem of never getting anything done. Well, maybe it wouldn't, but I'm going to find the time I took to work and bring it home, because it's not getting any use there. Thank you!