27 January, 2011


So, FWD/Forward ended, which is really bad because my hands don't know how to exist without typing in http://www.disabledfeminists.com to my URL box a million times a day. Sort of as a reaction but also just because it gave us the idea, Julia and I are starting a disability group blog called LOVE-NOS.

The name isn't meant to indicate that only people with mind disabilities are included. We want to practice love not otherwise specified, which basically means that we don't want the blog to be the kind of blog where people feel under a lot of pressure to follow certain rules in order to be allowed there--which sometimes happens in social justice spaces. We'd like people to behave decently and listen to what other people have to say but this doesn't always mean agreeing.

We are just starting out and a lot of what we're thinking about now is just how to do basic things to encourage love-NOS (the feeling) at LOVE-NOS (the blog). In terms of content, I would really like to do some stuff in terms of sharing disability news and promoting writing and art by disabled people; and also just writing about disability in general the way we write on our own blogs, of course. (Although I'm thinking a less personal focus, at least sometimes, than a personal blog.) We really want more contributors and hopefully some of the structure of LOVE-NOS will reveal itself as we learn who is interested in being a contributor, and what their interests and abilities are.

If you would like to be a contributor, you have to identify as disabled or thereabouts and have some ideas for things to post. This is the only requirement, although we're hoping obviously for contributors who have different identities and disabilities from us so the blog can be more accessible and useful to everyone.

Just comment here or there or something or you know how to contact me or...whatever. It's going to be sweet!

!!!!!11111<----look, look how great it's going to be, look at the elevens.

ETA: it's been 14 hours and no one volunteered, I'm going to start calling on people.


  1. I'd love to help out with contributing/guest posting but I'm hesitant because A) I can barely keep my own blog updating, and B) it seems like you don't really need more autistic people contributing?

    Maybe these are both wimpy reasons, I don't know. At least I could help you moderate or do reccomended readings or something.

  2. I mean, I feel like...I'd like people to be involved who aren't Autistic obviously, but I also know lots of Autistic people who are really baller writers and we're not doing a quota you know? and you're a really baller writer. please come. write historical stuff maybe if you want.

  3. Okay, I will!

    Exciting new project + use of the word "baller" to describe my stuff = irresistable offer. (okay fine so the offer wasn't that resistable to begin with)