12 January, 2011

from the inside, #1

Someone I used to be really close friends with, and am now out of touch with and really miss, has a visible disability. Last night I dreamed that I was singing with this choir that was meeting in a building where my friend had classes. He had somehow gotten put on some kind of special ed track in college, which I don't think was academically easier or something (or maybe it was in some way more accessible to people with mind disabilities, and I was jealous) but almost everyone in it had a visible disability. So I was sitting there with the choir practicing, and I looked up and saw my friend standing in a doorway with a bunch of people from his classes and this other guy who had a similar gait to my friend walked up to him and hugged him, and then they started talking in American Sign Language. I was just watching them as I was singing thinking how I wished that I knew ASL and was in their classes and their group of friends.

No, my friend is not D/deaf, but apparently my unconscious mind thinks that all disabilities that are more acknowledged by society are kind of the same thing? I just think this dream is hilarious.

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