26 January, 2011

I hope everyone is reading Josh's tumblr posts today. I read one and went back to sleep and then there were MORE!

Buffy, Faith, and Camus
..ok sorry to go on about this but more Buffy thoughts.
..I mean I’m not saying Willow is an elitist, classist bitch

The initial crime that marks her out and separates her from the Scooby Gang is not so much accidental manslaughter but not displaying a socially normative emotional reaction to a traumatic event...I’m sure the well meant concern and flapping from the Scoobies, and having Buffy’s deeply empathic grief thrust at her pours considerable salt on this alienation. Perhaps if they’d not made a value judgement on Faith’s psyche, she wouldn’t have become what- from that moment- they feared she may well be?



  1. OH MY GOSH I never thought of that.

    I already loved Faith, but that's such a good observation.

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  3. D'aww Amanda! Thanks for the props you two.