17 October, 2011

band names list

I keep losing this in the depths of my tumblr so I'm going to put it where I can actually locate it.

Clayton and I will never sync up on this. I like flowery/pretentious names. Probably I am going to have pretend that every time I record a little more music, it is a "side project" and gets its own name.

The List

Mirror Scare
God's Green Earth
Ice Cream Machine
The Talking Beasts
The Enchanted Forest
Dark Dates
Flight One
Armchair Farmhouse
War Turtles
Stephen Magnet
Ashtray Trashcan
Sinners in the Hands of a Lonely Ghost

some rediscovered embarrassing ones from high school:

Courtly Love/Courtly Hate
Your Teeming Fingernails
Her Faded Sneakers
Your Blinding Mind/My Dastardly Plans
The Woods Behind Your House
Isolation Brigade
The Honor Students
Targets of Bullying
Your Delicate Mouth
Breath Control

1 comment:

  1. Every so often fantastic* band names occur to me and I think. . . if I had talent, or a band, this is the name we'd pick. But I always forget them.

    *in my opinion