25 October, 2011

okay so I'm finishing up Six Feet Under and I want to know if I'm some kind of alien for thinking that Claire is a horrible person and a horrible girlfriend for Billy who treats him like an accessory and then is all surprised when he isn't one? or am I just not willing to accept him as a ~disabled villain when that's really how he's intended?


  1. this. . . this is the wrong blog for this posting I think. Are you sure you didn't mean for this to be filed under your "Shows Jim Doesn't Watch" blog?

  2. well it's not a REVIEW. I want that blog to be like a regular geek blog and not my disability whining.

    besides, no one reads that one and I want to know what people think.

  3. Hello! I just wanted to say I missed you and I'm sorry I didn't write to you while you were at camp.