09 October, 2011

I actually move around about as much as a dead cat right now, so I made a pop culture blog:

Magikarp Refuses to Evolve

it's mostly going to be about TV, genre, how a vampire should treat his girlfriend, etc. you might not like it if you like this blog. you might though!


  1. It's like a collection of the things on this blog that I was totally incapable of understanding.

    I did once write an in depth (multi page) review of an anime series aimed at teenage girls that is called Fruits Basket though so maybe we aren't so different.

  2. what animal do you turn into when girls kiss you

  3. if I click on that is it going to make me look at a picture of a cockroach.

    the correct answer is, cockroach because you're disabled and your family is going to lock you in your room and throw apples at you and eventually kill you and pretend that's what you wanted in the first place! at least that's what I would say.

  4. if I was the type of person who turned into a cockroach when girls kiss me. but I don't.

  5. It won't make you look at pictures unless you read the 80 cockroach questions (highly recommended) and go to the bottom of the page. This is only #71.

    #2 comparison is that cockroaches don't like lights though (but cockroaches aren't really part of the chinese zodiac)

  6. cockroaches are pretty cute aren't they