11 February, 2010


1. Danny for not being modified.
2. Henry Darger.
3. Francisco Hernandez Jr. for not being made of stone.
4. Noah, a boy I went to camp with when we were 15 and 17, who would carefully and nervously look at everyone and apologize. Once, I saw him look around and find a box of Kleenex for a girl who was crying. I was proud like he'd scored a home run.
5. Shawna, a kid in Lorain County who I met when I was 19, but with any luck will be seeing again soon. Shawna has an aide who is always saying "I don't know what's wrong with Shawna today." But Shawna continues to come up to people and clamp her hands on their hands, and stare at their collars and shoes. She's a lover not a fighter, I mean love is her war.

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