10 February, 2010


I wrote this long essay/review about Eisley a while back, I was editing it lately and thinking of maybe posting it here soon. But I will just say (because I should be asleep) they're this creepy/cute indie Christian sci-fi/fantasy family band that I used to be tremendously into when I was 16. They were the first band I was seriously obsessed with and a fan of without being introduced to them by my dad. When they were getting signed (in 2002, if I remember right) all these Christian labels wanted them, but they don't consider themselves a Christian band, etc. etc.--which is fine, but they signed to Warner Brothers of all places. Why would they do that? WB treats them like an embarrassment and has actually tried to get them to tone down the geeky aspects of their music, and never ever makes music videos of their songs, and basically sucks, and it was really hard to see a band I was once so into just get buried. So I'm just so happy that they're doing this, finally, after eight years.


  1. I do wonder if (some of) the target audience for Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers discovered Eisley, if things would be different.

    Yes, Warner Brothers is a bememoth.

  2. Really? I'd be surprised if they were successful in that market. I mean they write their own music, have weird lyrics, etc. I think their problem is partly one of not fitting into any mainstream genres. They're so prone (not as much as they were, but still a lot) to touring with pop-punk bands, which is just a really bad idea for them.

  3. I absolutely adore Eisley (It's Jelly .. brokenfences at lj) and I have loved this band for quite a long time. Though I am a bigger fan of their Room Noises album and a few of their E.P songs (I much prefer their demo version of Telescope Eyes, they changed those lyrics cause they weren't very nice or something.) I actually like the bands that they have toured with and think that some of the bands suite them but not all.

    For example they did a tour with Brighten and they're kinda like the male version of Eisley. And Lydia is also a really good band, both of which I suggest you check out if you ever get back into Eisley.



    sooo good. I bet stupid WB just made them change the lyrics because of how great they are, because they're too specific. In the new version of the song you can't even tell what it's about.

    It's funny, I saw them with Brighten but I guess I only had ears for Eisley because I barely remember any of the other bands. I think it was a metal band, Envy on the Coast, and Simon Dawes. I just wish they would tour with girl bands, I feel like if people don't listen to female musicians then they have a really negative reaction to Eisley.