16 February, 2010

A very important letter

Dear blog,

You are going away for a while (40 days). This isn't because I don't like you. I love you. It was so nice to have you when I was in Scotland because everything was so hard that I just had to disappear and come here so that I didn't have to be There anymore. But I've been home for quite a while now and everything is great. Except that I sometimes don't do my homework, or other stuff I need to do. And a lot of this is because I like writing in you so much that I sit down and start doing it, and don't want to stop.

You are more diabolical than Solitaire and other things with no benefit. You aren't more diabolical than the thing I tried to give up last year, because I lasted about ten days and had horrible dreams. Although, you are something I can tell my mom about (at least in the abstract). The problem with you is that you aren't all bad; I mean, in theory I am happy about you. I feel that some of the things I write about in you are interesting and useful to other people. Sometimes it makes people talk to me which is nice. Mostly Todd. I guess Todd will talk to me even if I don't have a blog.

I'm tired and having trouble putting words together, but this is my last chance to do so and I know I should try hard. I used to have some notebooks where I would try to explain my problems and interests to myself. Well, I like you better, because other people read you so I feel that you have a purpose. But what I'm saying is that you're actually worse, because even though you make it hard for me to get stuff done, you actually do have a purpose and are a good thing for me in a lot of ways. This makes you hard to say no to, because I can always think of a reason why it's good to write in you instead of doing my assignments and stuff.

Goodbye dear planet and baby bear. Goodbye, Mr. Man. Goodbye, castle raincoat and maybe when you are older facts will be different. I mean, in no time at all Christ will have risen and I will once again be able to use you as a not unproductive procrastination method when there are so many things to do and I feel scared.



P.S. Except maybe the Blog Carnival if I have time.

P.P.S. If you are not a blog, thank you for reading, even though it's sort of eavesdropping for you to read a letter addressed to my blog.


  1. I will miss you a lot while you are gone! Reading your blog is a daily ritual. I shall endeavor to fill the void that you leave with homework.

    The last comment-discussion-thing we had was on the argument side, so I just want you to know that I'm not mad at you and still respect you as a person. I'm not sure if this matters to you but I like to have these things squared up.

    Do you wish people a happy Lent? Or is that counter to the point of Lent? I'm not sure. Have a happy Lent if my wish for a happy Lent is appropriate. I hope things go well til I can read your blog once more.

  2. I'm a failure at being Christian, I have no idea

    anyway, I feel the same regarding my stupid "cure" post, I kind of want to delete it but I feel like that's sort of a cowardly thing to do, or seems like I don't want anyone to know that people disagree with me

  3. I LOVE reading your blog! The way you write is so interesting and thought provoking and helps me to understand things because you explain them in my language.

    Nobody has commented on my blog in like two weeks! I am probably too boring or simple or something but either way I still like to write in it when I can. I am super busy too so when I have an over-massing of thoughts I rarely get to write them down, I just comment here instead.

  4. I just recently subscribed to your blog, and I really really enjoy reading it, and am kind sad that you have to take a break, but I totally understand and sympathize =) Sorry for eavesdropping on your letter! Good luck with your "real life stuff"...!!!