30 October, 2009

I am writing a paper

I’m tempted to say “it was easy to be a martyr,” but that isn’t what I mean. It was very hard to be a martyr, but it was equally hard for everyone, because the qualities required to become a martyr were faith, bravery, and ability to bear pain--qualities that were just as likely to be present in a slave or a woman, if not more so, as in a high-status man. So it happened that many people who became martyrs, and therefore became celebrities in their communities and were held up as examples after their deaths, were people who would not normally be considered important in Roman society.

Once I had a root canal and I loved it because it didn't matter what my face looked like. I was considered a good patient because I was quiet and didn't cause any trouble by getting antsy or upset. I love getting shots because I'm good at that too. When I am feeling bad about myself, I wish I would get injured more frequently.

I haven't gotten a direct support job yet, although I've tried a few times. I think part of it is that I don't have experience working with people who are violent and I don't know how to explain that I know it will be easy for me. I don't know how to explain that I don't care if a person yells or tries to bite me. I wish all people were as easy to deal with as that--if people would just occasionally try to bite me, and that was it, my life would be swell.

I think I will have to edit my paper so it doesn't have the word I in it. I think they're harder on that stuff here than they are in America. But I really like those first two lines.

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