12 October, 2009

I'm just racking up milestones basically

Today I walked five and a half miles. Exciting! And I went to the local group for people with Asperger's. I'm not sure what I thought about it. Most of the people were a lot older than me and were men (they might have all been men; there were two women but I think they both might have been support people). It's an advocacy group rather than a support group, which is actually a cool thing. It was interesting to be around other people with ASDs but I didn't feel a magical connection with the other people or anything. Not even as much as I felt with some of the ASD kids I worked with this summer.

Several of the people had some trouble expressing themselves verbally so I feel like I didn't get a whole impression of what they were like. There was one guy, who looked to be the youngest person there except me, who was trying to say things that I thought were interesting, but seemed to be having trouble getting them out. I feel like this wasn't the best environment to get an impression of what everyone is really like, and maybe after future meetings I will get a better impression of them.

A few of the guys in the group have started a blog about being discriminated against for having AS. It was funny because one of the women got all anxious and said she thought people would find the blog and bully or stalk them, or something. I said that I have a blog and make YouTube videos about having AS, and I've never felt in danger of harassment, but I don't think I was very firm about it because I didn't know a polite way to say, "People who didn't grow up with the Internet have ridiculous ideas about how dangerous the Internet is."

In other news, this morning's episode of Mad Men broke my heart all day, but I'm too tired to write more about it now.

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