30 October, 2009

You're not a very good vampire, are you?

Jason Stackhouse: There's a reason things are the way they are.
Bill Compton: Yeah. It's called injustice.

Terrible Hair Man, you win!

I think disability rights is interesting partly because we're still so much at a point where people try to pretend that oppressing disabled people is just the logical way to behave. As a gay person, I'm pretty used to people deciding that I either don't exist or am inherently awful as an excuse to do whatever they want. And it's the same in terms of being invisibly disabled. But no one can pretend that physically disabled people, and people with obvious intellectual disabilities and severe ASD, don't exist.

So what they have to do is just make up stories about what physically and intellectually disabled people are like. Really sad. Really bad at everything. Not worth the time or the money. Or maybe, they themselves think they're not worth the time or the money, so it's okay to not give them any. Way too many people try to pretend that it's somehow treating disabled people equally to not hire them or not give them services. And the way they set up disabled people as being worse at things is by utilizing a rubric where things non-disabled people are good at are incredibly important, and things disabled people are good at don't matter.

Ironically they used to do this to gay people too. THIS IS JUST THE WAY IT HAS TO BE! SORRY! I'M JUST BEING FAIR!

As you can see, now that a sort-of-famous (to me) person has commented on my blog, I'm incapable of writing a post that is interesting or well-put-together. But I'll get better again with time.

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