06 October, 2009

Two wonderful things

I went into a store thinking of buying a sandwich. The previous customer left, and the woman at the counter looked at me. I said "Sorry," indicating that I hadn't yet decided what kind of sandwich I wanted, and had to spend more time reading the menu on the wall. She said, "That's all right, I'm here until half-past four." (It was 9:30.) After I looked a while longer she said, "We have everything here if you want to look at it--it's a bit confusing to look at everything in black and white. We have small and large rolls." Then I said what kind of roll I would like, and had already thought enough to be able to keep up with her questions about what kinds of things I would like on the sandwich.

Later, I was activating my debit card on the Royal Bank of Scotland website. After I had entered my activation code, I was asked to enter a password and a PIN number. Under that was an item designated as being "for customers with special needs." It gave me the option of choosing not to have forms time out, in case it took me an unusually long time to finish them.

Taking a longer time to do things is not that big a deal unless people make it one.

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