24 February, 2010

the blog schism

so I always feel bad when I post about my dumb attempts to give myself a haircut or something, and/or evidence of Vincent Kartheiser possibly being a baby llama pretending to be a person--however, I never want to post anything on my 5-year-old livejournal, because there's way too much boring/annoying stuff on it, and even though the haircut stuff is not exactly important, I think it's too entertaining to be on the Awful Livejournal, so it has a new home:

[deleted 8/9/10, not doing that tumblr anymore]

in other news, my weird shutdown that started Monday is sort of coming and going. Is that even possible? My head just always seems to be hurting and sometimes I take such a long time to understand anything and can't think anything through. There have been some moments of not-shutdown, though.

I'm going to go to Student Counseling. I just feel stupid because I'm presumably traumatized from going to another country where I didn't talk to anyone? I just feel embarrassed because some people have real problems. But when I really think about it, as long as all the appropriate sensory factors are in place, I haven't really had sleep problems for several years. And now I wake up in the middle of the night on a regular basis, often feeling really freaked out.

Sorry this is navel-gazing. I actually am going to try to be pious/academic and not post on here. And when I do, thanks to the tumblr sublimation, it's always going to be these really serious and in-depth disability-related posts! It's going to be amazing!


  1. Oh, that shutdown of yours is maybe a worldwide epidemic, or at least I seem to have catched it, or I've got it independently (I blame the snow, but the snow is probably innocent).

  2. That coming back online/waking up can be uncomfortable, especially if there was a lot of painful stuff going on when you first went to sleep. I know there were moments of intense pain when I started connecting more.

    On the other hand please take care of yourself and if anything's wrong (physically or otherwise), try to fix it.

    Aha! Found it.
    Here's something written by Amanda B. over at Ballastexistenz.

    Sorry, I don't mean to be overbearing. If I am tell me to back off.

  3. you're not being overbearing at all, thank you for linking me to that.