05 March, 2010


I have no good stuff to say nowadays, that's why I don't. However I went to the sheltered workshop/day center for intellectually disabled people, which I hadn't been to in almost a year. Some stuff happened. I had a pretty wonderful time. Afterwards we (the Oberlin students who were there) were talking to the workshop director and I was expressing my disappointment that this guy Mike Perez who I really like wasn't in our class (basically this girl is organizing a thing where a lot of Oberlin students go in, a few every day, and work on art and writing stuff with the intellectually disabled people). The workshop director, who likes me for some reason, got on the intercom and called Mike Perez to the office.

Mike came in and looked at me. I had been saying he wouldn't remember me. I said hi to him. He looked at me.

"Green hair," he said by way of greeting. My hair is actually blue now but it was green before.

"Yeah," I said, "remember, you took a picture of my hair to show to your dad."

"I was worried about you," Mike said.

"Why, what were you worried about?"

"I was worried that you wouldn't come back."

"Well, I'm here," I said, "I mean, of course I came back."

The workshop director said that they could put Mike in my class, instead of the one on Thursday. Mike said, "Yeah--I was in that class because I thought that you weren't coming back, but now that I know you're back, I'll be in your class." He shook my hand and left.

(None of this is very "aww" or anything, Mike is not a sentimental person. He's sometimes jolly or angry; otherwise he is just kind of flatly crotchety. But I'm really glad about this.)

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