07 March, 2010

Crazy Jane and Jack the Journeyman

Although I know when looks meet
I tremble to the bone
The more I leave the door unlatched
The sooner love is gone
For love is but a skein unwound
Between the dark and dawn

A lonely ghost the ghost is
That to God shall come
When I, love's skein upon the ground
My body in the tomb
Shall leap into the light lost
In my mother's womb

But were I left to lie alone
In an empty bed
The skein so bound us ghost to ghost
When he turned his head
Passing on the road that night
Mine would walk being dead


(oh no, now I can't stop)

Crazy Jane on the Day of Judgment

Love is all
That cannot take the whole
Body and soul

And that is what Jane said.

Take the sour
If you take me
I can scoff and lour
And scold for an hour

That's certainly the case, said he.

Naked I lay
The grass my bed
Naked and hidden away
That black day

And that is what Jane said.

What can be shown?
What true love be?
All could be known or shown
If time were but gone

That's certainly the case, said he.


  1. That is a Yeats poem, isn't it?

    Or inspired by him, if you wrote it yourself?

    Jane and Jack are a real pair. Like Scarlatto and Venzetti from that Joan Baez song.

  2. it's Yeats. fuck, if I wrote it myself I could just die right now, there'd be nothing more for me to aspire to.