20 March, 2010

I couldn't resist

however: I just got this email from my parents with a list a mile long of everything I'm supposed to do. Today my friend John and I ran away and wandered around Lorain County going to garage sales and diners. I figured out that I'm always behind on everything I'm supposed to do anyway, so I might as well try to clear my mind and feel genuinely joyful when I'm procrastinating. I just sat in John's car staring at the God light. Yesterday my friend Liam and I climbed on top of one of the dining halls and watched DVDs on my computer, then walked to the Laundromat in the middle of the night and talked about how next year, when we're roommates, we're going to go to the Laundromat even though it's more expensive, because we like Laundromats. Then we snuck into Finney Chapel when it was dark and closed, and knelt in the pews and talked about morals, and lay down on the stage and sang Christmas songs.

When I have a social life, I feel like it's better than anyone else's.

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