16 March, 2010

I read the Onion AV Club about 400 times a day and for some reason I'm always really struck by how much they suck at talking about disability. They act like they're so cool and then they call people "handicapped" and "mentally handicapped" and "the handicapped" (I'm not even kidding, The Handicapped, like an army) and "CEREBRAL PALSY SUFFERER" and fucking "crippled." They live in New York so it's not like they have an excuse. I guess because I like them so much I'm always just like "...really? what the fuck is wrong with you?"

Anyway, Noel Murray is my ~favorite~ (actually Tasha Robinson is, but he is my favorite boy because his name is Noel) and today I read a movie review he wrote about a movie with a character who's developmentally disabled (I couldn't tell from the review if the character is intellectually disabled or ASD). GUESS WHAT NOEL MURRAY CALLED THE CHARACTER?


four for you, Noel Murray! You go, Noel Murray!

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