24 March, 2010

Two YouTube things

I love the Internet:

I have a mildly autistic daughter. She's 11, and she shares a great many of your reported behaviors and, I think, feelings. We also have a hard time telling what's autism and what's just the unique brand of weirdness that every individual person has. I wouldn't worry about it too much. (I know, easy for me to say!) By the way, I hope my daughter turns out as self-possessed and self-aware as you seem to be. Thanks for posting. Stay shiny, Browncoat!

However, what I came here to say was that if you aren't watching Dave Hingsburger's videos about working in institutions at the beginning of his career, you should be. They're...well, I don't think "great" is the word exactly, but I think they're important. I should warn you that this particular video made me cry a lot, and that they're all pretty disturbing so far.

Here is a very good transcription.

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