31 March, 2010

so good

me: Liam, my mom's friend told me to date you
it was so awful
she was like "Amanda, you seem to be friends with a lot of boys, why don't you consider dating them"
Liam: whaaat?
oh no
me: and I was like "no thanks, I'm not interested in boys that way" and she was like "no relationship is perfect"
she was like "when you were talking about your friend Liam your face just lit up"
I was like "that's because I was talking about Christian the lion"
Liam: haha
me: I think she was excited because she's Irish
she got excited about your name
then when she left she was like "say hi to Liam"
Liam: oh no that is so weird
me: I knowww
so weird
and I kept trying to argue
Liam: im sorry indirectly
me: oh no I mean I think it's really funny
don't be sorry
I was like "the reason I don't get along with girls is because I like them, if I liked guys I wouldn't get along with guys. like when I was younger and didn't know I was gay I used to be like 'it would be so easy if I was gay, girls are so easy to talk to'"
and then she was like, "so being gay seemed like an escape from your problems!!"
Liam: :(
me: no it was classic
I love old people
Liam: haha
oh man
what are they trying to accomplish?
me: I don't know
who will ever know

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  1. Amanda,this story about a company that only hires people with autism was on the national news tonight,2nd link is text version with video about nation's 1st autism clinic(i think):