06 December, 2010

dear wolfgirleatsbaby,

I linked you to that post so you could email me. You don't have to email me of course but that was the intent. You could also comment!




  1. Um, I'm not wolfgirleatsbaby, but I did want to tell you that I checked with my clinical supervisor regarding whether or not one needs to be able to read music to get into school for music therapy (she's the head of the music therapy program at University of the Incarnate Word in Texas). She said that not all schools require the ability to read music- she doesn't require it at her school. So there's some fairly good news (well, I thought so anyway) for you on a Tuesday morning. Sorry for interrupting your post. Just wasn't sure how to let you know and I thought you might want to know.

  2. Thank you. It is good to know that.

    Like I'm not sure if I want to be a music therapist but sometimes I think I'd like it and I...
    I don't know. the music reading thing is just really depressing for me in various ways. I used to be really into early music and then I had to stop because I can't read etc. and I feel like it's just too late at my age

  3. Amanda, if you'd like I could do my best to teach you how to read music. Maybe it would be a little bit difficult over the Internet and stuff but for what it's worth I can teach music reading.

  4. Yay for The Untoward Lady! If it makes you feel better, Amanda, my grandmother took piano lessons when she was in her 70s, and she's just finishing up an online business degree at 88 years old.

    More to the point: if you're interested in music therapy, but you aren't sure it's the right thing for you, you can always go and observe some music therapists in action (if you let me know, I'll try to connect you with people in your area). That's what helped me decide to go for it.

    School for music therapy is hard, because there are a LOT of classes to take. If you're already working on your undergraduate degree, you may as well finish it and if you decide MT is it, you can get a graduate equivalency degree instead.