12 December, 2010

in cheerier news, though

can I just say how AMAZING this was?

but I'm sad because Emma Bell is really cute.


  1. That scene totally made me cry.

  2. It's so good! Do you watch the show in general or was the scene able to do that by itself?

  3. Oh, I watch the show.

    (I actually do not normally play YouTube clips on my computer since I keep the sound off and typically can't be bothered to turn it on for one thing. Unexpected noises make me jump out of my skin, so keeping my computer's sound off is pretty much the only way I can surf the Internet without freaking out every time I encounter an ad, or a video clip on autoplay, or whatever else).

  4. That makes sense. I'm not that way as much as I used to be but I used to never want to just randomly start watching a video when I had been reading.