25 December, 2010

Jess gave me a Stylish Blogger Award, but I'm not. She always has nice shoes and is standing properly in her facebook pictures. I look like this (fact one, except I usually don't wear glasses and my hair is more vividly colored):

My clothes are always gross and besides, I write on them.

Anyway, I am supposed to say 7 lesser-known things about myself and tag three other people. I like Julia and the untoward lady and I like Fiona who draws PICTURES! Maybe she could draw 7 pictures about herself.

2. I hate Christmas
3. I smoke a lot but not when I'm with my parents (which I have been since Wednesday--I just got through withdrawal and life is SWELL)
4. I drink a lot of Diet Coke, and just saying I drink a lot of it is kind of understating the situation because I've seriously almost lost friends because of the way I am about Diet Coke
5. I'm left-handed
6. I like boys too much (maybe any amount is too much when you're gay as shit)
7. I'm a neoplatonic Christian sort of, but you knew that already


  1. I cannot believe you still like me, but I LIKE YOU TOO. YAY.

  2. why wouldn't I like you, you didn't do anything

  3. I love you, too, Amanda! You're ace!

    I love Diet Coke, too. I like to put copious amounts of lemon juice in mine, too.

    I'm left handed too. So are a vastly disproportionate number of my friends. This has me confused for I have never considered left-handedness a point of bonding (except that we give better high-fives!). Perhaps it has to do with hemispheric dominance and brain lateralization? Maybe autism is correlated with leftyness and perhaps being gay, too, and most of my friends are queer auties...

    Yay, queer leftie autie club welcome! Here's your badge.

  4. Actually, writing on clothes can be awesome. And from what I've seen of your writing on things, yours could possibly described ans beautiful... or maybe stylish.

  5. I used to draw on my jeans sometimes. I had these really cool jeans that I drew a great big spiderweb over.

  6. Oh yeah and I'll totally do this meme. In pictures. As soon as I'm back home with my art supplies and scanner.